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Police advice on local burglaies

We continue to suffer with offences of domestic burglary but a recurring theme involves burglaries where a door is left unlocked or house / car keys are left visible near to a door. We know that the offenders in these matters will target the easiest addresses and they will identify these by trying front door handles and looking through windows / doors / letter boxes to see if any keys are on show. If a door is left unlocked then that is an open invitation to them but even if the door is locked and they can see a set of keys then they will get the keys by smashing a window or fishing them out via the letter box.


There have now been numerous offences where vehicles have been stolen in this way and, regrettably these crimes may well have been prevented had doors been secured and keys not left on show. Part of the Police response is to try and raise awareness of these types of burglaries and to stress to residents that more care needs to be taken so as not to make it easier for those with a criminal intent to commit these crimes in the first place.


I would be obliged therefore if you could circulate the attached advice letter (please see Police Burglary Advice on 'Our Community' page) amongst your various contact networks as the more people this reaches the better.





Con 3990 Graham Turnbull

West Derby Dedicated Officer

Eaton Road