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Numeracy for Life

Numeracy for Life Session 1 - Year 2.

We recently ran our first 'Numeracy for Life' session with our Year 2 children. We invited parents, governors and volunteers from the local community into school to talk about their job and how they use maths every day. The children had prepared questions and were really enthusiastic. On the day the children spent 5 minutes asking different people about the maths skills they need to help with their job. 

After the session the children shared what they had learnt with the rest of the class. They then talked about the jobs they would like  to do in the future and the sort of maths skills they would need.

The children then interviewed parents/carers and family at home and discussed this back in school.

The children have been really keen to learn more about what maths they may need to use in the future.

We are hoping to run further sessions in the future with other year groups.

If you feel you could help with these sessions please contact the school office.

Numeracy for Life Session 2 - Year 1

We ran our second Numeracy for Life session with our Year 1 children. All the children had opportunity to speak to a number of volunteers about how they use maths skills in their every day life. All the children really enjoyed this and were keen to discuss what they had learnt back in class. The children all then took a questionnaire home and interviewed family members at home.

We held our third Numeracy for Life session with Year 1. At this session the children had opportunity to interview members of our school staff as well as parent/carer volunteers and governors. The children really enjoyed this opportunity and were very excited to share the information back in class with their friends.